This project serves as a way to organize important documents and to take steps in helping to protect the African and African-American Burial Grounds in the city of Kingston, NY.   It is sponsored by the  Kingston Land Trust.

Please visit often as we add collaborative partners and materials that will help to tell the stories of those buried and to better understand the rich African-American history in the city of Kingston and Ulster County.

If you are interested in participating or have information you’d like to share on any of these pages, please contact Rebecca Martin, Executive Director at 845/877-LAND (5263) or rebecca@kingstonlandtrust.org

Thank you.


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  • Oilda Barreto says:

    This is fascinating! It’s people like you, Rebecca who make this Earth a better place…

  • There are burial grounds that we know of in Lower Manhattan, East Harlem, Newburgh, Kingston and Albany.In addition to these, there is a site in Queens that has been marked in a city park.

    There is a need for a state wide coordinating group to allow a consistent exchange of information among the groups involved in memorializing these various sites.

    As a volunteer historical interpreter at the African Burial Ground national Monument and a member of the East Harlem burial ground task force,if there is an interest, I would be willing to host a Google list to begin this process.

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